What does that mean to you? In one sense it’s defined as the strayed edges of a piece of cloth or in another sense a indi Heart and Mind‘dispute’ or ‘conflict’. To me it’s the same as feeling attacked whether at work, or at play and responding in a manner that echoes the words; composure, courage and character. Triple C’s. Composure defined: a sense of calmness and peace regarding the situation, your feelings and a healthy awareness of self. Courage defined: A willingness to face the music so to speak, to demonstrate a willingness to take ownership of your part or role within or out of the situation. Character defined: Can you give respect even when it isn’t deserved, are you able to engage those who’ve offended with a free heart. This is mandate for what is required to stay “Above the Fray” do we have what it takes? Today may be spent however tomorrow provides the opportunity.


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