Consider our Library a resource to become more familiar with our services and what interests us. IHM believes in sharing information which of course, empowers you to become more knowledgeable. Here you will find a variety of articles, written by subject matter experts and/or organizations which we hope will increase your understanding. 

Mind/Body Connection: How Your Emotions Affect Your Health

Strategies to Prevent Heart Disease

7 Tips for Mind-Body Balance

Top 10 Causes of Death – World Health Organization

How Trauma Can Affect Your Body & Mind

Mind & Body Connection – Attitudes Affect Your Health by Patty Carrosicia, R.N.

What Is the Mind-Body Connection? Expert Contributor: Patricia Hart, MD

The Differences Between Coaching, Consulting, Counseling and Psychotherapy

Psychiatrist? Psychotherapist? A Who’s Who in Mental Health

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