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The human being is whole. Unfortunately, the age of specialization tends to make healers look at parts of the whole. So you have doctors specializing in cardiac care, neurological care, and so on. The result is more and more people suffering from hypertension, diabetes, emotional and psychological issues despite unprecedented advancements in medicine. The need of the hour is Holistic Health Care – to look at the interaction of mind, body, spirit.

Holistic Health Services Florida is a way of life. The person is treated as a whole and a part of his/her environment. We honor the physical, mental and spiritual interconnection and create a comprehensive treatment plan specific to your unique requirements. The body is treated by treating emotional and psychological issues. We understand that such issues, when left unattended, may present themselves in the form of a physical illness.

At Florida, holistic health services aim to provide you solutions in diverse areas starting from psychological and psychiatric evaluations, disability and employment services to physical, occupational and speech therapy. From weight loss programs to suggesting vitamin and mineral supplements, we take care of all your health needs with lifestyle coaching, counseling and psychotherapy services. Community outreach programs focus on awareness, advocacy and garnering support for the holistic health services.

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