It cannot be overstated how devastating the last couple of months have been. A worldwide pandemic with over 400,00 deaths, record unemployment, worldwide protest over the killing of George Floyd and racial inequalities, and now states and municipalities are trying to figure out how to reopen the economy in the face of rising infections and deaths related to Covid-19.

“We had people specifying they need mental health because of Covid, and that is to be expected because of the job situation, finances and fear of the unknown”, said Cynthia Sewell, Senior VP of Development.

 Here in Florida, there has been an uptick in cases, and many believe that Florida could be the next epicenter for Covid-19 outbreaks. All of this would make any person apprehensive about what the future holds, to say nothing about the person who was dealing with mental health issues pre Covid-19.

“During times of crisis people are more likely relapse or trigger their mental health issues and we are trying to make sure our services get to those who need it the most,” said Sewell.

Unfortunately for the Adult living facilities, we have been unable to treat that segment of the population, but it was expanding pre Covid-19, according to Sewell.

“We are trying to think outside of the box and think of how we can provide services to an isolated population who cannot access our telehealth services. “

 The challenges brought about by Covid-19 and social protest present an opportunity for change and to get rid of what does not work. Funding for mental health and other public health issues should be based on need and not politics; public schools should staff behavioral therapist and counselors, not armed police officers, especially at the elementary and middle school level.

Here at Indi Heart and Mind we will continue to advocate for those seeking mental and overall health services to help our patients explore treatment options that best meet their needs, including transportation and telehealth services.